What is a Virtual Tour?


Virtual Tour is a complete 360 degree view of space with which a user can interact. The Virtual Tour is a simulation of an actual existing location composed of panoramic images and other multimedia elements such as sound effects, music and texts.



What is a CD Business Card?


CD Business Card consists of Virtual Tour which reflects the information and activity of your company. It is traditional Business Card which includes the logo of the company and contact details as well as CD multimedia functions. It gives you an opportunity to watch the 360 Virtual Tour through computer or any device which supports web browser.



How long does it take to create 360 Virtual Tour?

We only need your location to be ready for shooting at the time of the appointment. It usually takes 40 minutes for shooting every scene of Virtual Tour. After this process it takes 3-4 days for Virtual Tour to be ready.



How does the working process go?

After we discuss your needs we will make a proposal that includes price and other details of the project. Once that is agreed, we schedule a convenient time to come and shoot at your location.



How does Virtual Tour work?

The Virtual Tour works in online and offline modes. In online mode it will be linked to your company and 360.az website. Depending on a customer’s need we can also *embed it into any other website. Besides, you can open it through your PC and other devices without internet connection.



Do I need Special Software?

We create all of our tours as Flash movies which are the most popular animation software in the web. It is possible to watch Virtual Tour by means of any device having web browser. 



How to Contact Us?

For additional information please feel free to use our "Contact Us" page and send us your questions or offers. 
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